Happy Birthday!! ONE year old!!

Wow this post is WAY over due, but keeping up with this ONE year old has kept me busy!!

ONE year ago we brought home this tiny little guy.

ONE year later... bye bye Baby K, hello Toddler K!

* You weigh 22lbs 6 oz.
* You are 29.8 inches tall.
* You wear 12-18 mo clothing.
* You wear a size 4 diaper.

* You usually sleep from 8pm-8am.
* You take one 2-3 hour nap a day.
* You still get rocked to sleep, you will go to sleep on your own but Daddy loves to rock you to sleep every night anyway.

* You are eating table food and drinking from a sippy cup.
* You still LOVE LOVE LOVE cheese, mommy says it's because you need it to go with all your whine;)
* chicken,rice, beans and avocados make up your favorite meal.
* You REFUSE to drink cows milk.
* You are still not weaned from the bottle. (one formula bottle in the morning and one at bed time)
* you love to drink from straws. (anything but milk!)

* You are not walking yet, but you are cruising around using the furniture for support.
* You are the fastest crawler your parents have ever seen.
* You love planes, trains and automobiles, such a boy!
* You torture your dog everyday by chasing him around the house and pulling his hair.

* You are starting to watch a little TV, and you really like ELMO.
* You are doing great with your C.I.'s, you love to hear.

* You had a wonderful 1st birthday party, with all your family and friends.

* You had a blast eating your birthday cake.

* You were so fascinated by the flame on your birthday candle.

* You loved all the attention you got when we all sang Happy Birthday to you. Mommy had to fight back the tears because she couldn't believe her baby was 1 and that you were able to hear us sing to you.

* Your party theme was planes,trains,and automobiles.

* You had a blast in your bounce house, and so did your friends.

* You are no longer Baby K, you have moved on to toddler K, but you will always be mommy and daddy's baby boy.

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Kirsten: said...

Happy Birthday to Baby K! He is adorable and it looks like a fun filled party!

Lucas'Mommy said...

Happy Birthday toddler K! What a memorable first year! Hope your 2nd year brings many exciting adventures!

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