9 Months!!

Sweet Baby K you are 9 months old today!!

* You weigh 19lbs 14oz
* You are 28.5 inches long
* You wear size 3 diaper ( 4's at night)

* You eat baby food 2-3 times a day.
* You are starting to eat some table foods: rice, carrots, potatoes, avocado.
* You take 8oz's of formula about every 3-4 hrs and some of mommy's milk from her stash once in a while.
* You have weaned yourself from nursing. We made it nine months, not too bad!

* You usually take two naps a day ranging from one-two hours each.
* You have had many great nights this past month, sleeping 8am-8pm. (happy happy joy joy!!!)
* You still have to have your paci and be rocked to sleep.

* You love to play, sometimes you pick it over food.
* You must have an audience while you play or you will cry.
* You mimic Mommy and Daddy shaking their head as if to say no.
* You like to throw everything off your highchair and watch it fall.

* You are growing out of your footed onesie pj's everyday.
* You wear 9 month clothing but we are headed torwards 12mo clothing fast!
* You have 7 teeth total (3 bottom 4 on top!)
* You are still not a very good traveler, you get bored very easily.

* You know your first sign MILK!! although you seem to use it for food in general.
* You are getting around like an inch worm, not too interested in crawling.
* You are starting to pull yourself up a little, but not enough to have to lower your crib quite yet.
* You still have the nicknames "Sticky fingers" and "Bear".
* This month we start a new journey with your "new ears" we can't wait for you to hear Mommy and Daddy say I love you!

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