House Divided

There is one day a year that my husband and I agree to disagree and that's when Texas Tech University and the University of Texas play against each other in football. I get dressed in my red and black and my husband in his burnt orange. This years game was especially interesting because it was a game of revenge. Last year Texas Tech was the only team to beat Texas causing them to lose the opportunity to play in the national title. Boy was I happy! but not this year Texas got their revenge and beat Tech 34-24 boo! (I guess if you call that revenge since #2 ranked Texas was supposed to slaughter not even ranked Tech) In all we had fun teasing each other about our teams and the funny thing was that we really didn't argue over which team was going to win but what colors Baby K was going to wear!!

How about Both????

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The Henleys said...

Rusty and I also disagree on this day. I've already bought William all kinds of Longhorn stuff...Rusty keeps saying he's gonna buy lots of Tech stuff but I'll be dressing him so I'm sure I know what he'll be wearing!

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