5 Months!!!

Sweet Baby K you are 5 Months old today!!

* you weigh about 15lbs
* wear size 2-3 diapers
* you sleep 8-9 hrs a night (10pm-6am)
* still refuse to go to sleep before 10pm :(
* must be rocked or patted to sleep
* Starting to like tummy time
* like to scoot on your back all over the place
* Picking your head up while on your belly so well
* rolled over for the first time
* have two bottom teeth
* started eating cereal, green beans, and peas
* EVERYTHING goes in your mouth
* love to play on your mat and in your bouncy chair
* love going outside
* loves being signed to, you concentrate so hard!
* momma can point to things and you turn to look
* still love bath time
* still have not found your hearing aids yet, but it's about time for some new molds!
* it was almost impossible to take these pictures because you can't stay still anymore!

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