4 Months!!

Sweet Baby K you are 4 months old today!

* weight 13lbs 14 oz
* Height 24.5cm
* wears 3-6 month old clothing
* wears size 2 diaper
* eats every 2-3 hours during the day
* Sleeps 10pm-6am most nights YEAH!! (usually after a 3 hour battle)
* Still hates to nap during the day
* puts everything into his mouth
* grabs at everything ( loves to pull mommy's hair)
* loves to blow spit bubbles and blow raspberries
* still loves bath time
* doesn't care for paci as much but likes to chew on his burp cloths
* doing better with tummy time
* uses his eyes so well to gain information, don't block my view or I'll get grumpy!
* tolerates his hearing aids well, hasn't started pulling them off... yet
* still a fussy little boy but it's getting better
* loves his mommy so much he cries when I leave his side.

K wearing his tie onesie given to him from Lisa at Happy Heart Kidz. I love it!

Sleepy K saying goodbye to Daddy as he leaves on a business trip to Hong Kong for ten days. We will miss you Daddy!!

Sorry pics are from my iphone


Val said...

so adorable! I love the tie shirt, such a little man.

Bright Family said...

His onesie is adorable!

Do you mind if we add Kemper to our bloglist?

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