School Daze

Yay school is out for the summer!!
No more fighting to go to bed early or rushing to get up in the morning ( at least for a few months ;)

I don't think I have mentioned anything about K's schooling so I thought I would give a brief synopsis on the last three years:

We started receiving services from the state, E.C.I. ( Early Childhood Intervention)shortly after Kemper's hearing loss diagnosis as an infant. We had a deaf education teacher come to our house each week to help us with his hearing aids, teach us sign language, and other ways to communicate with our deaf child.  After Kemper received his Cochlear Implants she worked with us on improving his speech and listening skills. We did this along with Audio Verbal Therapy until he turned three years old.

Last August when Kemper was still two I enrolled him in a Mother's Day Out program. It was one day a week 9:30am-2:30pm. I did this mainly to get him use to being without me and to work on his social skills. He had a hard time adjusting to it at first. He cried and cried when I dropped him off. It broke my heart. I somewhat had expected that to be his reaction because he had never been left in the care of someone that was not family. It took him a few weeks, but he was soon having a great time at MDO.

His first "school" picture.
He hates having his picture taken and usually refuses to smile so I was pleasantly surprised when I got this beautiful picture.

Apparently he did better than me. (Age 4)
 Can you blame me? look at my hair!!

When Kemper turned three in April he was eligible to start attending an Early Childhood preschool geared towards children with hearing loss. The main purpose of this school is to help him get ready to go to local schools with "normal" hearing peers.

 I was very hesitant at starting him right when he turned three. Mainly because there were only a little over two months left in the school year and he was doing so well at MDO. In the end I knew that K was ready to learn and be challenged. He could lean a lot in the remaining 8 weeks. He started full time school a few days after he turned three. I'm not going to lie it was tough. Five days a week, 8:15am-2:15pm. He normally doesn't get up until 8 am so he wasn't excited about the early mornings. It was a long day and he came home exhausted.

 First day at the new school. His little nervous tongue hanging out. ;)

The first three days went by fine but by the fourth he realized that this was going to be an everyday thing and the crying started all over again :(  He would only cry at drop off and would be fine the rest of the day but it still killed me. And just when he would start getting comfortable he would get sick and have to stay home for a few days. In the 8 weeks he was there he was sick three times!  A cold, 1st ever ear infection, and pink eye! I think he spent his days licking all the door knobs at school, because he's never been that sick. Must have been the introduction to all the new germs. Poor kid! 

 His little locker. Modeling his new school bags. His cubby for his Penguin class.

 In all I'm glad that I enrolled him full time. He has learned so much in those 8 weeks. His vocabulary has expanded and he even busted out a 14 word sentence the other day! I can only imagine what a full year will bring.

Now that school is out I'm excited to have my little partner back. I felt a little guilty being at home without him. I guess I'll have to start picking up some more shifts at the hospital come fall.
But for now...

Bring on Summer!!!

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