Then and Now

This was K last year :

And here he is exactly one year later...

Yep it's been one year since Kemper's cochlear implant surgery and he will soon be celebrating his first hearing birthday. We couldn't have asked for a better year. His surgery went smoothly without a hitch and K took to his new hearing like a fish to water. We prayed and hoped for the best and it came true. It has been amazing!
We decided to go out and celebrate K's 1st year CI surgery anniversary at his favorite restaurant, Joe's Crab Shack . This restaurant has to be the loudest sensory overloaded restaurant out there, but K loves it. All the lights, singing, and dancing combined with chicken fingers and french fries = K heaven!  I get a lump in my throat each time I see K get down from his high chair to dance with the waiters. Someday I will get it on video.  He has been camera shy lately and stops as soon as he sees me pull the camera out. I had to sneak this video with my phone. It's not the best quality, but you get the idea. He loves to hear!!

"Hears" to many more years of hearing!!


Emily said...

Your first video brought tears to my eyes. I remember holding Sophie just like that and feeling so helpless after her surgery. ;)

My, how times have changed! That second video was great. He absolutely LOVES music. So, so cute. Happy almost hearing birthday, Kemper! What a great year!


Life at the White House said...

You have an absolutely precious family!!!

And, to answer your question about the table in our nursery (it's a sofa table apparently).... it's from Ikea and super affordable.

Hope that helps!!

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