11 Months !!

* You weigh about 24-25 lbs.
* You wear 12mo+ clothing.
* You wear a size four diaper.
* You have eight teeth.

* You still drink formula, but are starting to want less and less of it.
* You like to eat cheese, bananas, avocados, rice, beans, noodles, green beans, carrots, chicken and your favorite puffs.
* You must be entertained and distracted in order to eat baby food. (Daddy dances while Mommy shoves it in your mouth)
* You throw your food on the floor to tell us you are done eating.

* You are still sleeping from about 8:30pm to 8am
* You are down to one nap a day ( usually 1-2 hrs long)
* You throw your paci's and blankie out of the crib in the morning and knock over your monitor to tell us you are up.

* You are a full speed crawler now.
* You pull yourself up on everything now.
* You need a helmet because you land on your head at least twice a day since you still haven't mastered the art of balancing yet.
* You learned to throw a ball, now you throw everything. Your mom blames your dad.

* You love to chase your dog Raider around the house.
* You love to look out the window with Raider too.
* You still love to look at yourself in the mirror, you even flirt with yourself.

* You love to imitate mommy and daddy, blinking your eyes, sticking out your tongue, scrunching up your nose, and blowing kisses.
* You wave hello and good-bye to everyone you see.
* you love to turn light switches on and off.

* You have been "hearing" boy for about a month now.
* You have become very clingy to your parents. All this "hearing" stuff can be quite scary.
* You know your name and will turn around when you hear it.
* You know the word Hi. You will stop and wave when you hear it.
* you are becoming very vocal and will sometimes imitate mmmm and ahhh sounds.
* You have come so far in this last month, we love you our smart little boy!

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