10 Months!!!

Sweet Baby K you are 10 months old today!!

* You weigh a little over 21 lbs
* You are about 29 inches long
* You wear size 4 diapers
* You wear 9-12 month clothing ( mostly 12mo)
* You now have eight teeth! ( 4 on top & 4 on bottom)

* You have become a MUCH better sleeper, you sleep from about 8:30pm-8am most nights and take two naps in the afternoon.
* You still require being rocked to sleep.Momma and Daddy give you one "rocking" per night,but if you wake up after that you're on your own, sorry bug!!
* You will knock over your monitor to tell us you are awake and to come and get you.
* You are a crazy sleeper. You start off asleep in one direction and we find you completely turned around by morning.

* You no longer want baby food, you want what is on mommy's plate.
* You would live on cheese and Puffs if you could.
* You still like avocados and rice, but they don't compare to your cheese.
* You smack your lips to tell us that you really like what you are eating.
* You are not a fan of meat, you spit it right out.
* You love to throw your bottle to tell us that you are done. Mom is not impressed.
* You are getting better at drinking out of a sippy cup.

* You can now get up from your belly into a sitting position.
* You are starting to pull yourself up and trying to stand.
* You like to stack your blocks on top of each other and will clap when you are done.
* You like to put things in containers and take them back out.
* You love to look at yourself in the mirror and wave hello to yourself.
* You have recently found your private parts while in the tub. You push on it like it's a button and then giggle. Silly boy!!

* You are 4 days away from your "hearing" birthday Yay!!
* You have been through so much in your 10 little months. We love you, our brave little boy!!

Growing up so fast!!


Anonymous said...

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

Kirsten: said...

He is such a doll :)

Mr. and Mrs. Stoneking said...

your boy is absolutely adorable! I see that you are a nurse also! :)
can't wait to

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