8 Months !! Happy birthday to us!

Sweet Baby K you are 8 Months old today!!

* You weigh 18lbs.
* You wear size 3 diapers.
* You wear 9-12 month clothing.
* You have four teeth. (two top and two bottom)

* You are sitting up so well.
* You are attempting to crawl, but it's more like an army crawl right now.
* You are so active and love to play.
* You tend to like boxes,papers,remote controls,and phones over your toys.
* You get into everything, and we now call you "sticky fingers".
* You can't have anything taken away from you or you have a fit.

* You love to sit in your highchair because you can see everything.
* You still love to eat. Puffs for snacks are your favorite.
* You now like to go to restaurants and eat out.
* You are still nursing a few times a day, but also getting supplemented with formula.
* You eat baby food 2 times a day.
* You are starting to like the bottle better than momma. (tear)

* You love your jumper, sometimes we think you may just bounce right out of it!
* You are such a loud boy, its sounds like we have a terradactyl in our house.
* You love to hum when you are happy.
* You haven't figured out a consistent sleeping schedule quite yet. Some days you take naps, other days no way! Some nights you sleep through the night, others you wake up 3-4 times UGH!

* You have wonderful eye contact and track everything so well.
* You still have an obsession with pulling hair, hope this stops soon.
* You still love that darn paci.
* You have become a MUCH happier baby this month.
* You are our smart amazing little boy and we love watching you grow!

My 32nd birthday also happened to be on K's 8 month birthday, but unfortunately I had to go to work that night. Although on my break I was so pleased to find this wonderful e-mail that my husband sent to me, telling me about what happened while I was away.

Kemper was awful quiet up in his room tonight. Some may say too quiet…

Helen had already gone to work. He had had his bath and his before-bed bottle. I sent him up to his room to get in bed, but after 15 minutes, I looked upstairs and noticed that the computer light was on, lighting up the room like a full moon on a dark night.

Puzzled, I headed upstairs and snuck in on him to see what he was up to. Needless to say, he was not in bed, but sitting at the computer typing. I startled him as I asked what he was doing.

“Oh, nothing” he replied, laughing as he kept typing

“Is this how you spell my name, Dad?” he giggled. “Spell check does not recognize it!”
“Close enough, son” I replied. “Now finish up and turn off the computer and get to bed.”
“Ok, Dad, but let me do one more thing. I want to show Mom something first…”

~All our love, Kemper & Kemper

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