Bienvenidos a Miami

Last week my job sent me to Miami Florida to attend The Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care Society conference. We stayed on South Beach at the Hotel Fontainebleau. It had reopened a few weeks before our arrival after a 1 billion dollar renovation. Its grand opening was even televised because Victoria's Secret held their fashion show there, so we were really excited to stay there. Although my excitement was brought to a halt when my luggage did not arrive, and American Airlines had no record of it. Not that I was surprised A.A. never fails to disappoint me. All they said was "we're sorry and keep calling this number". I was so mad I had packed everything and all I had with me was my coat that I didn't even need in Miami! It was late when we arrived at the hotel to check in, and apparently this hotel was the place to be at night. The hotels lobby looked like a night club, with its bar, fancy white leather couches, and its blue lighted floors. The check in counter had very dim lighting and its main source of light were candles placed at the ends of the the counters. I put my coat on the counter and I was digging in my purse for my ID when my friend Amber asked me if I smelt fire. We both then turned and looked to see my coat on fire!! Apparently they had put candles under the counter and when I put my coat down part of it came in contact with one of the candles. Great! I have no luggage and the one thing I did have was now on fire!! The Manager came out and said he was sorry and and they would get back to me about what they could do about the coat. So the next day came and I waited and waited for my luggage, checking the front desk every hour ( still wearing the clothes from the day before) finally I called AA and they said that they had found my luggage and had delivered it to the hotel early that morning. So I went to the front desk and they said that they had not received it yet, by this time I was furious, now the stupid hotel lost my luggage!! As I was walking back to my room I saw a bell hop and asked him to take me to where they kept all the luggage and sure enough there was my bag all alone, with my name plastered all over it! They had had it all day long!! and just like AA and the manger about my coat all they could say was sorry. Finally after days of trying to contact the manager about my coat he agreed to pay me for my coat after had heard about my luggage problem. What a mess!! and to top things off going home our flight was delayed because of mechanical problems! I love AA!!

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