My favorite band comes into town and my husband is out of town, who do I take?? my mom! Luckily for me I have a very hip mom that loves the Dave Matthews Band as much as I do. My older sister Maria first introduced me to the band when I was about 17 or 18 years old and I have been to about 2 concerts a year since then. (I'm part of the reason why that man is so rich now!)When I was in college my awesome mother would stand in line for me for hours to get concert tickets for me if I was in class. After I graduated my friends and I would use Dave concerts as an excuse to meet up and travel all over the US. Now that I'm married I drag Kemper all over to see him, he doesn't mind and I know this because on several occasions I have found one of my CD's in his car player! So if you have only heard them on the radio you are missing out and you have to see/hear them live to appreciate their talent.

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